I am lucky to have you in my life.

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| March, 15 2018 | for Mavis N. Matsumoto, MD

I was scared. My husband was too. Our MDVIP Doctor from our little town in Boulder City was retiring. I was in the middle of quite a health challenge and was being asked to drive to another city, 40 minutes away to meet a new doctor.
I thank god every day for that 40 minutes. Sincere. That is the best way to describe Dr. Mavis.
Thank you for being just who you needed to be just at the right time. When I first met you I had trouble even putting two words together at times but you were patient and compassionate. You translated what the surgeons would be doing, and held my hand along the way. Most importantly, you did that for my husband, and for that I will always be grateful. We both felt immediately connected to you, and that we had known you for years. My husband called you the captain of the ship during the brain surgery. You came to the hospital to visit on your off hours just to check on us. Something you didnt have to do.
So, this was my whirlwind introduction to you Dr. Mavis and I am still so grateful every day for you. Your mission to find the right course of action for your patients never waivers, your curiosity to continue researching always impresses me, but above all else - at your core, you are a compassionate, brilliant human being who was born to be a doctor, and I am lucky to have you in my life.