I am so grateful for the care I've received from Dr. Morell

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| February, 12 2019 | for Ross J. Morell, DO

I've been seeing Dr. Morell for about 2 years now and have experienced the best health care I've ever had and have had meaningful, long-term, positive changes in every aspect of my life because of it. Not only do I no longer suffer from panic disorder, but the extreme anxiety I was experiencing for several years that manifested as many physical symptoms is 90-95 better.

I never imagined in our fast-paced society that there were still doctors who sat down and took their time with you to understand your history and lifestyle, offering advice on lifestyle changes for your physical and mental health versus just pushing pills as a quick fix (which we all know are often only treating symptoms and not the core problem), though not discrediting them, either, when they have their place.

Dr. Morell includes you in your health care decisions rather than just telling you what to do, and he's open to multiple options that take into account what's important to you. He's recommended books, diet suggestions, and exercise plans and - along with his staff - stay in close touch to make sure you're succeeding and stepping up to help if needed at any point.

To me, he's the epitome of where Western and Eastern medicine find balance, where the patient's voice matters, and the doctor is sincere, authentic, experienced, and open-minded.

I am so grateful for the care I've received from Dr. Morell and his staff and highly recommend him to anyone looking for a new physician who is interested in taking the time and putting in the work to take their health seriously rather than search for someone with quick and easy fixes.