I am so grateful that she is my physician

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| March, 16 2018 | for Elana Nudel Kripke, MD

I first met Dr Kripke while at work. I was in pain and had no idea what was wrong. Without even knowing me she started taking care of me! I was taken to the ER and she came down to see how I was doing. I knew then that she was kind, caring and compassionate with a little something extra special mixed in. She has been my PCP ever since. Dr Kripke has seen me through some really tough personal times and knows exactly what makes me tick. Recently I have been dealing with some medical issues and it was her expertise, determination and sincere caring that has gotten me on the road to finally feeling better. I dont know how better to say this except that she just gets me completely. Dr Kripke defines true caring and compassion as well as professionalism. I am so grateful that she is my physician and I appreciate this opportunity to say THANK YOU Dr Kripke!!!