I am so grateful for the way Dr. Sack takes care of me.

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| March, 17 2018 | for Joseph M. Sack, MD
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Dr. Sack is my Hero!
The first time I met him I knew he was a great man of faith and he made me feel like he really did care about my health and he spent time with me and listened to all my troubles and life history and he has gone above and beyond what I ever expected out of a doctor.
I feel so much comfort and peace knowing I can call him when I need help and if he cant help he makes sure he finds someone else who can take care of the problem.
He makes phone calls on my behalf to help get the best medical care I need. He spends time getting to know his patients interest and cares about my family as well. He helped me when I thought my life was falling apart when I learned that my husband had stage 3 colon cancer.
I am so grateful for the way Dr. Sack takes care of me. I will continue to pay the MDVIP fee as long as I have the funds and my pray is I can afford it financially, it has been tough to come up with the quarterly payments
sometimes. I am willing to give up whatever I have to in order to be a member of MDVIP. It has been the best experience I have ever had in my 50 years of life, so far.