I Appreciate Dr. Brian Levy

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| March, 25 2020 | for Brian P. Levy, MD

Dr. Levy definitely makes a difference in my overall wellness! I have averaged five or six events each year in which I telephoned Dr. Levy for help. When he doesn't actually answer the telephone himself, he returns my call within 30 minutes. Most of the time he asks me to come into his office so he can check out my complaints/symptoms. No one can imagine how much this means, as he lessens my anxiety each time. Also, Dr. Levy continues to modify my prescriptions to fit blood work results. He also writes prescriptions that are effective and provide savings to me. His follow-up is amazing as he insists that I get back to him to be sure that treatment is effective! I want to add that Dr. Levy visited our home when my husband was suffering dementia. He evaluated every room and made suggestions for easier home care. He helped with required paperwork for hospitalizations. I will never forget his compassion during that time. I APPRECIATE Dr. Levy and his office personnel.