I can't imagine where we would be without her and her team.

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| March, 4 2018 | for Michele H. Leder, MD, FACP

How do you put into words, a story that is ALL about the heart?

It's worth a try because others need to know just how lucky and blessed my wife and I are to have Dr. Leder and her team in our lives.

My beautiful wife had been a patient of Dr Leder's for several years. Right from the beginning, my wife got care and treatment far above the level of service other doctors have given in the past. When you call Lisa you are talking to a friend. You are not a name and number, you are an important part of their service and of their lives. That care and empathy comes right thru the phone. Then you walk into the office and it shows up in the form of a huge smile. Lisa also has her tough side. She has been relentless in calls to other doctors or medical offices on our behalf. She ALWAYS gets the job done.

Then we see Dr Michele Leder. WOW! She makes you feel special right from the start. You feel as if you are the only patient in the world, and for that hour - you are. She combines incredible knowledge with a friendly manner and a strong determination and desire to give the best care possible. Her concern extends far beyond the office visit. She has often made followup calls after her work day has officially ended and on weekends as well.

Dr. Leder has always been like that. Then, as she and MDVIP have joined forces things have gotten even better. With the tools and support of MDVIP to assist her, Dr Leder had become able to provide even more help and support for us.I did not think that was possible as we were already so happy with her as our Dr.

This last two plus years have been tough for us. My wife has a complicated medical situation which has required several specialists, procedures, surgeries and long hospital stays. Dr Leder has been with us every step of the way. EVERY STEP. She has spoken to many doctors on our behalf as well as shared with us her knowledge and her unending support. She is more then a doctor, she is a guardian of our physical and emotional well being. I can't imagine where we would be without her and her team. Thank you Dr. Leder

Luke and Michelle H.