I consider myself lucky to have found Dr. LeBlanc.

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| March, 1 2018 | for Cheri H. LeBlanc, MD

I consider myself lucky to have found Dr. LeBlanc. She has been my primary care doctor for many years. I hesitated about joining MDVIP when she became one of their doctors - but only because of the cost. I didnt want to leave her and the staff but was very uncertain. However, during the signup time period, I had some health problems while I was out of state and realized that I absolutely did not want any other doctor guiding me through those problems or any other, for that matter! Dr. LeBlanc is kind, caring, considerate - just one of the nicest people I know. Shes extremely intelligent and an excellent doctor. She recently referred me to a cardiologist and while I was in my first consultation with him, he brought her up in conversation. I told him I trust Dr. LeBlanc implicitly and she referred me to you so that asssures me that you know what youre doing. Its a very good feeling to have that kind of faith in your doctor!