I Don't Have A Plan B

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| February, 19 2024 | for Leo C. Tynan, MD

After a follow-up up visit with my Dr. (- I believe I had originally come... to visit him for a referral to an orthopedic Dr.because I had recently fallen at home and hurt my knee) my Dr. asked me " "what is your plan B"- meaning w hat are your plans down the road for living arrangements? I had been living alone in the country on acreage with no close neighbors and no family within miles+ miles for about 5 years after my husband passed away. After my confession of no future plans for anythiñg he strongly advised.." I don't want you living alone any longer."He gave me many good reasons why.Leaving his office soberly shaken into reality ,I realized full well my situation so to shorten this saga,I cleared out my House,sold it + moved into assisted living facility.I shall be forever grateful to Dr Tynan for cariñg enough + taking the time to advise me to think about my safety and future.