I feel luck to be on of Dr. Hilty's patients.

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| March, 9 2018 | for Stephen A. Hilty, MD

Dr. Hilty has been my primary doctor for many years. I have found him to be what every patient wants in a physician. I feel he is always available when I need him. I can email him and I always get an answer either by return email or a telephone call. Dr. Hilty answers questions in a manner that that I can understand and simulate to my situation. I am 85 years old and was having a difficult time getting all my medications in the exact order so Dr. Hilty solved the perfect solution - my husband is now in charge of my medications. Dr. Hilty accomplished all this in a kind, hilarious and effective way.

When I have an appointment with Dr. Hilty, I have never waited more than ten minutes. Also, when I call his office, I don't have to push five or six buttons to talk to a human being because Dr. Hilty has two super-efficient nurses who answer the phone, answer questions and show a personal interest in every patient. When I call or go into his office, I just feel like part of the family.
At every visit Dr. Hilty gives me a printout of that visit and this also includes a copy of all medications I am taking, have taken in the past and medications that I am allergic to. I carry this information with me at all times and have found the list to be invaluable when I have to visit a specialty doctor in town or for emergencies when I am out of town, or out of state. Many other doctors have commented to me how invaluable this information is to my health and they wish more doctors would give his/her patients this informative list.
I feel luck to be on of Dr. Hilty's patients.