i have known dr. martin many years

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| February, 8 2015 | for J. Frank Martin Jr., MD
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there is no greater love for a doctor than to choose to drive 2 hrs one way to see, to interact, to be cared for and talked to ......eye to eye, like a best friend. i have known dr. martin many years, and he has never changed....when he is still outside and the door to my room is closed, just his voice on the other side gives me comfort..then when he walks in, with his smile, if he is pleased with your results, or........his caring, no fooling around look.....i know that he is there wholeheartedly for ME......he is my best friend because he cares.....he is an anchor in my life........i truly love my doctor and his choice to give his patients the very best personalized care available. and......he makes me feel like i am important to him as a person.