I highly recommend Dr Crawford

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| January, 31 2018 | for Kim Jay Crawford, MD

Dr Crawford is one of a dying breed. First and foremost he is compassionate, KNOWLEDGEABLE and understanding of your concerns. He is very easy to talk to and comes down to my level of understanding rather than using a lot of medical terms that I have no knowledge of. He is what everyone looks for in a doctor but is not quite so easy to find anymore. I have been to many many doctors and my opinion on most of them was all the same. Most drs fail to take the time to listen to my concerns or even ask my input. They are rushed, stressed and just very impersonal. Afterall it is my body and my well being that we are working with here..... Short story about Dr Crawford. A few years back I woke up with my feet feeling a bit strange and I called and went in to see Dr Crawford, who I might add seen me the same day. I had no other symptoms other than my feet were feeling strange. Within 10 minutes of speaking to him he told me to get right over to the Emergency Room he wanted me checked for a certain illness. I was feeling a bit nervous but did as he said. Before you knew it I was having a spinal and DR CRAWFORD WAS RIGHT ON THE MONEY. It still astounds me to this day that he knew what was going on from so little I had told him. The illness was not a common illness. So if your looking for a Dr who has the old fashion values with current knowledge. I highly recommend Dr Crawford!!