I trust Dr. Heinegg and this fact is huge in my life.

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| March, 12 2020 | for Philip C. Heinegg, MD
Image provided by: Jacqueline

My name is Jacqueline Thomas. I am a disabled veteran. Upon meeting Dr. Heinegg immediately I felt at ease with him.
Dr. Heinegg showed himself to be concerned about my well being, he listened to my concerns and responded with action. I have had so many bad experiences in the VA system I really thought it was normal for doctors to be too busy to listen attentively
to one’s concerns. I knew Dr. Heinegg was God sent because my blood pressure wasn’t as high when I visited him as when I would visit a doctor at the VA! First of all the only constant is really my Primary Care Dr.
I would have to go through so much stress to see the same Orthopedic, Rheumatoid, Dermatologist etc. Then it would be an intern with no manners that really cause my blood pressure to go sky high.
Dr. Heinegg’s way of speaking to me makes me calm and comfortable. I can truly say I love Dr. Heinegg.
Thank you Dr. Heinegg God bless and keep you always in his loving care.