I was a patient of Dr. Rayner's for many years

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| March, 23 2019 | for Richard M. Rayner, MD

My story is best summarized by the phrase I'm an example of a Conceirge Medicine success story. It's the short version of my answer when asked what is the secret to the successful weight loss I have achieved this past year. I was a patient of Dr. Rayner's for many years, and followed him to his Conceirge practice. Over the years he had spoken with me about the importance of weight loss but nothing clicked. In his Conceirge Medicine practice, I see only him every time. Every appointment is at least 30 minutes. Phone calls with test results come personally from him, as opposed to a nurse telling you what he wants you to know. All of this allowed Dr. Rayner to realize long before I did that my true issue was that I had been stuck in a depressed funk for some time. Treatment recommendations focused on addressing that as a priority. He took the time to seek my input in putting together a plan for healing. Focusing on that plan has led to the weight loss and an overall sense of feeling better that I have not enjoyed for some time. I am not certain this would have occurred in his old practice, simply because the traditional primary care model does not allow physicians as much time to spend with their patients.