Initial Sick Visit

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| March, 11 2024 | for Matthew Brumbaugh, MD, MSW

My wife and I requested a transfer and did a meet and greet with Dr. Matthew Brumbaugh. We were impressed with his dedication, education and experience. Less than a week later I was experiencing some pressure in my chest and a racing heart. I called Dr Brumbaugh’s office and he was on vacation. Sue, his assistant, said no worries as there was a covering doctor and told me to come into the office. My wife and I met Dr. Alan Dennison. He did a thorough exam and spend a good amount of time with me. He ordered testing and explained his reasoning. He was reassuring and supportive. He followed up with me the next day as did Sue.
I am thankful I met Dr. Brumbaugh and delighted that he had coverage and a doctor like Dr. Dennison.