I've Got The Joy, Joy . . . . . . .

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Bobbye L
| February, 3 2024 | for Leo C. Tynan, MD

Well, the life-sized skeletal symbol for Dr. Tynan's "Weight Loss Program" was long ago removed from his office spaces, however, he may not realize that he has developed a new ingenious wellness plan for his patients: The most inspirational full bodied and Joyful Laugh peals forth from his office these days. Dr. Tynan has found that humor works hand and hand with our total wellbeing, and we know that his happiness is contagious, healing, and nurturing for maintaining good health.
Dr. Tynan's medical expertise is legendary in our parts, but when we add biking scrapes and a few "needs work" areas in our reports which he wisely addresses, the humor and laughter we share seems to make the repairs very light-hearted, understandable, positive, and achievable to us. No other inspiration was required for my husband to sign on with MDVIP because of my experience and the expertise of Dr. Tynan.
We are blessed to be associated with Dr Leo Tynan and the MDVIP service. Thank You!!!!