Kidney Stones take me full circle.

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| March, 11 2020 | for Geoffrey A. Mire, MD, CMD

In late February of 2020, I went to my urologist at the request of Dr. Mire for pain during urinating. Upon arrival I submitted a urine test that revealed blood. This led to X rays and ultrasound which determined I had blockage of the left kidney due to several stones. The decision to have external lithotripsy was made and the procedure done. I always let Dr. Mire know what other doctors tell me and I keep him current. A week after the procedure I was still passing large amounts of blood in the urine. A follow up CT revealed a large hematoma had developed at the lithotripsy site. It also revealed addition stone blocking the urethra. I informed Dr. Mire of the finding again. On March 5th I had this stone removed by laser thru the urethra. Again after several days the amounts of blood remained high in my urine. I’ve had stone before, I know my body, Dr. Mire knows me very well also, I don’t complain a lot. After many attempts to get a direct answer as to what is causing all the blood and how to address it moving forward with no direct answers, I decided to reach out to Dr. Mire. He returned my call within a few minutes. I went through the entire ordeal, which he was already versed on because we stay in touch with all my medical issues. But he wasn’t aware of the amounts of blood and the attempts made to get answers from the urologist. On Tuesday March 10th, Dr. Mire made a phone call to the urologist office, he spoke to the nurse, expressed his concerns, discussed our relationship as he being my PCP, MDVIP, Doctor. Immediately I was called and order to the ER for additional testing. The results came back and it appears that the size of the hematoma is larger that explained and the amounts of blood being discharged are in direct relations to this try to heal itself. I was told it could take 2-8 weeks before it clears up. Finally a definitive answer. If it wasn’t for Dr. Mire making a simple call I may have never gotten a simple answer. Dr. Mire has been amazing even before the MDVIP merger. Now it’s like having a doctor at home. He always answers my text messages and calls when I need to discuss things personal. A couple years ago when I had shingles he treated me better than I’ve ever been treated. He addressed all my current issues and explained what could occur in the future with where my shingles occurred. This was all related to the kidney stone issue in this testimonial. My shingles lead me to my urologist which lead me back to Dr. Mire for his help. Kidney stones take me full circle.