Leo C Tynan MD

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| February, 25 2024 | for Leo C. Tynan, MD

My husband and I chose Dr. Tynan as our primary care doctor when he chose to open his practice in Fredericksburg. When he chose to join MDVIP, we decided it would be a wise decision to stay with him. It was the best decision we made. We were able to have quick access to see him during our general care as well as our emergencies. My husband passed away 3 years ago. This past August (2023), I had an arterial tear in my descending aorta and was in ICU at University Hospital in San Antonio. I asked one of the Cardiac Surgeons to contact Dr Tynan and he visited with her at length about my condition. When I was discharged from the hospital to a rehabilitation facility in Fredericksburg, Dr. Tynan came to see me and explained to me in detail what all had I had undergone. The team of doctors in San Antonio also talked to me about happened to me, but not in detail the way Dr. Tynan did. To me, Dr. Tynan is my hero and I am extremely pleased with the care I am receiving from him and his staff.