A Life Changing Event

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| February, 28 2020 | for Chun Hong, MD, PhD

On November 19th last year I went to the office of Dr. Hong and NP Julie Suggs because I was short of breath. Julie examined me and saw some warning signs that things were not right. She sent me right across the street to have tests at Reston Hospital. I was admitted later that day with bilateral pulmonary embolism. Dr. Hong came to the hospital while I was still in the ER, called in the right specialists and visited me both of the next two days. Julie also came to check on me in the hospital. It is remarkable in this day and age of hospitalists to have them attending me in the hospital. I am all recovered now thanks to their excellent, compassionate care! I hear so many of my senior friends complaining about the treatment or lack of personal care they receive! They don’t even get a real physical yearly. Dr. Hong goes over all our labs in detail, gives us personalized care and keeps us on a path to wellness! I am so grateful to Dr. Hong and NP. Suggs!