Life Event - Exceptional Care When Heart Block Occurred

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| January, 18 2024 | for Brett A. Wohler, MD

Dr. Brett Wohler is a truly exceptional physician. He has provided outstanding medical care for me for over 30 years. An event that happened in August 2022 stands out as particularly meaningful in his care for me, and exhibits how he cares for his patients.
I was admitted to the Emergency Department of a local hospital on a Sunday morning for a 2nd degree heart block. (Dr. Wohler was the one who detected a LBBB – left bundle branch block on my electrocardiogram a few years earlier.) I am in my 70’s and have a DNR – do not resuscitate, so I was not decided about what “interventions” I was willing to take. The obvious possibility was a pacemaker. And I was just undecided. Dr. Wohler showed up that Sunday afternoon, shortly after I was admitted and assigned a room. He sat by my bed and convinced me that I should get the pacemaker if that was the solution – that I had things yet to do/accomplish in my life. His caring in showing up on a Sunday afternoon and in his words of comfort and hope – and direction, meant so much, and affected the outcome of my life.
I was in the hospital 4 days and he was monitoring my care, and when I had some complications/problems, he was calling the physicians/cardiologists. He made a tremendous difference in the outcome of the event and the hospitalization. No physician could have done more. How do you thank someone for that kind of care? How thankful and blessed I am to have him for a physician!