Life saved from deadly cancer

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| March, 12 2020 | for Gregory Park, MD

Dr. Greg Park Is a fabulous doctor. He practices as a general with his specialization is oncology. He saved my life because he made quick action to determine a very difficult diagnosis.:AML Leukemia
The first diagnosis he was not satisfied with and persevered on to get the second diagnosis which determined my care. Dr. Parks took swift action, and worked with my family, my husband, to get me to a special hospital that is in Los Angeles called City OF hope. They specialize in stem cell transplant and in my case I had to have one for leukemia. There is no doubt in my mind that I would not Be here today without the immediate response to action on the part of Dr. Park.
We love this doctor! He treats my husband also. My husband has had a very difficult situation, which resulted in an esopogetomy at Cleveland clinic. Dr. Park has continued to monitor his situation and treat him as needed. My husband is a 14 year survivor of this operation. He is wholly dependent on Dr. Park for good advice and direction to maintain his health