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Topper and Sandy
| January, 29 2024 | for Michael P. Johnson, MD

Both my husband and I are so incredibly grateful to have Dr. Johnson as our primary physician. Not only is he unbelievably talented and up to date on the latest and best treatments/medicines/procedures he also has a fabulous sense of humor! Over the years he has been so patient and caring, we never feel rushed and always feel heard. Dr. Johnson is a life saver ... years ago I became very ill. Though I had negative test results for Lyme Disease Dr. Johnson (just knew) it was Lyme. I was put on meds and made a full recovery. During the process additional testing came back positive for Lyme's. Dr. Johnson was proactive in my care. He was also proactive when my husband fell ill and was told numerous times it was a GI issue. Dr. Johnson (just knew) it was something way more. He called at 10:00pm on a Sunday evening because he was looking at CT Scans of my husband's abdomen, and he asked us to get to the ER. We went to the ER and after much testing they found a tumor on his colon (colon cancer). Now years later my husband is the picture of health ... all thanks to Dr. Johnson. Simply the Best!