Love for my Doctor

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| May, 30 2020 | for Peter M. Gottesfeld, MD

I remember vividly how I came about being referred to Dr. Gottesfeld. It was in 2005, I had just lost my husband to cancer, and had become more astute about my own health care. I was completely dissatisfied with present physician due to long waiting time. Previous MD, even if I were his first appointment always made me wait, which felt like eternity, never failed. I had gotten to the point that no matter what my medical needs were, I avoided that MD. After the death of my husband, I started going to his doctor who was an oncologist. I think that this doctor was seeing me out of sympathy, and after about three visits he said, "I have to refer you to an internist. Hence, me being referred to Dr. Gottesfeld. I remember Dr. Ajas saying to me, "You will like him, he is a very good doctor."

I have not regretted that referral. There has never been a time when I felt that Dr. Gottesfeld has not done everything possible to meet my medical needs. He has the type of personality which makes me feel and I suspect every patient he has feel, that they have a personal relationship with him. He is thorough in explaining information, and at the same time empowering you with what you need to know to take care of yourself after the visit.

As a African American woman I have been subjected to medical apartheid so in the past have been guarded. Not the case with Dr. Gottesfeld, I think he is my best kept secret, until today. Today I want Dr. Gottesfeld and his exceptional staff to know I appreciate them, and celebrate them for always doing an exceptional job in taking care of me. Thank you so much. This practice is the reason why I have MDVIP, I could not fathom going someplace else once Dr. Gottesfeld became a part of MDVIP.