Much more than just a great doctor,..........he's a good friend. Re: MDVIP Dr. Michael Monaco, Leawood, Kansas (Menorah Med Cntr)

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Frederick and Carol
| March, 14 2020 | for Michael E. Monaco, MD

Fortunately, neither my wife nor I have had a serious life threatening health issue such as occurred in your example story from a gentleman named Dwight. But, we've had many ups and downs in our health history, instances of influenza, pneumonia, some mood issues due to changing brain chemistry and a plethora of colds and sprains and aches and pains, some of which might have been as much psychologically rooted as in an actual physiological disorder.
For more than thirty years, for my wife and twenty-five years, for me, Dr. Michael Monaco has taken great care of us through it all, save for a recent six year hiatus we took to follow grand children to Texas. We are back and we are so glad to be back in Dr. Monaco's care. We have no doubts that the care, advice and direction he has provided us over the years has improved and maintained our quality of health and life significantly.
But, Dr. Monaco has not only provided highly competent medical assistance and advice for our every need, he has done so gladly and in such a close and caring fashion as to make us feel like we have in him a very good and trusted friend that happens to be a very sharp, cutting edge medical professional.
We feel very blessed to have Dr. Monaco nearby as our personal Primary Care Doc. In these uncertain times (Covid-19 raising havoc) his presence offers a layer of security and a feeling of confidence that we will see our way through this and any other health challenge that comes along.

Thank you Dr. Monaco for always being there for us in your very special way. We look forward to continuing our relationship for many years to come.

Fred and Carol
Leawood, KS