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| March, 11 2020 | for Daniel L. Whitmer, MD
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I have been a MDVIP member for 8–10 years- and certainly won’t go back to traditional medicine. Its suits my lifestyle. I am into Wellness. Pay attention to my health. Enjoy 24/7 access to Dr. Whitmer. I winter in Florida and have established with MDVIP two miles away in Florida Panhandle (he helped this year in connecting me to a reputable chiropractor). Many friends are using MDVIP - I try to bring it up with them. It’s a Godsend and people who won’t make the leap are certainly jealous of my access to incredible care. I drive 90 minutes to my doctor- and he’s worth it (but honestly I am doing good and don’t have to go there often). Appreciate how Dr. Whitmer coordinates with my other specialists. I have to say the annual physical and how thorough it is - worth the cost alone.