My Doctor - The Amazing Dr. DeBoard

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| March, 13 2020 | for J. Edward DeBoard, MD

There are really no good words to describe the admiration and respect I, and my family, feel for Dr. DeBoard. We have been his patients for many years, however, recently I have been dealing with a very painful spinal issue with intractable pain that I have never experienced before. Dr. DeBoard has gone over and above caring for me with this issue, as well as other past sicknesses and issues, being there at all hours, taking his time to find solutions for my pain and taking time to recommend and help me become a patient of an expert doctor in the field who was not taking new patients. He has been more than patient and considerate--he has been kind, gentle, and willing to go to all extents to help me. His unending patience and fortitude with this new issue endears him to me and to my husband.

In addition, Dr. DeBoard always takes more-than-adequate time to explain other medical issues--even those a little far afield from the current situation--and never making me, or my family feel rushed. His staff is considerate and kind also. We are so very grateful to you, Dr. Ed DeBoard, for your kindness, gentleness, thoroughness, expertise and never-ending patience. In all my experience, I have never encountered such a unique individual as Dr. DeBoard--he has not only been our physician, he has been our friend.