My first truly complete physical

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| March, 19 2021 | for David W. Gehring, MD
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I chose to go to see Dr. Gehring at age 70. He had been recommended by a couple who have been friends for over 20 years and who both are patients of his. After talking with them, I realized that at my age, I should move beyond the cursory physical examinations I had been getting every year for decades. I felt that I needed a doctor and a practice where the tests I took were more thorough and my time to discuss them and other health issues with the doctor was extensive. In the past, my appointments only lasted about 20 minutes. With Dr. Gehring, my appointment lasted over an hour. We talked about the results of every test and about a list of concerns I had brought with me. This was the first truly complete physical I had ever had! The care I received from Dr. Gehring also characterized the other staff in the office. All had time for me and my questions and were genuinely interested in my personal situation. They were not pressed to move on to the next patient or keep to a tight schedule. Fortunately I did not have any serious issues, but I left knowing that I could always call and get quick attention from the office, and knowing that if I did began developing something serious, I should be able to detect it early and treat it promptly.