My Jouney with Dr. Quarles from March 2/11/19 to 3/24/2020

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| March, 24 2020 | for James D. Quarles, MD

I have been affiliated with Dr. J. D. Quarles, Frankfort Ky since March 11, 2019. He is very knowledgeable, thorough and caring. I am in my early seventies and have some chronic health problems, he has displayed a lot of patience while doing his best to help me through some of the issues I was having when I first came on board with him. We have come along way and I am in a good place because of his persistence. I depend on him and have faith that he has my best interests at heart and will do everything he can do to insure that I experience the best health possible considering my age and the issues that I face on a day to day basis. It is reassuring to me to be able to have a quick chat with him about a concern I may have and he has been very accommodating in those instances. His Nurse Rita and his Receptionist Lesley are very friendly and caring when I call the office regarding an appointment or a piece of information I need to relay to Dr. Quarles. All in all, I have been very happy and satisfied with the care I have been given. I count Dr. Quarles and his staff as one of my biggest blessings and pray for them as well as all of our health care professionals with the pandemic that is presently affecting our state and nation.