My wife, my children, and I am very thankful to Dr. Quarles.

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| April, 4 2017 | for James D. Quarles, MD

in 2013, I was experiencing some pretty unpleasant medical issues. I had recently been wrongly diagnosed with COPD among other things by a Nurse Practitioner. I was seriously convinced that I was going to die -and felt so.

A close friend of mine recommended that I contact Dr. James Quarles. She said that he is the best doctor in the area. I called his office, he accepted me as his patient and he began several tests to determine what was going on.

I went to a pulmonary specialist and they ruled out COPD or and all other lung issues. I had sleep tests performed to get my sleep Apnea under control. He put me on blood pressure medication and cholesterol meds. During my MDVIP check-up Dr. Quarles discovered that my blood sugar was esculated and that I was diabetic. I was on a Diabetes pill for 6 months and was taken off of the med after following a strict eating plan and the loss of 50+ pounds.

A year ago, I went to JD with a very weird skin condition. He quickly sent me to a specialist in Lexington where I was diagnosed with Vasculits. He has since monitored and successfully managed this condition.

To say James Quarles saved my life is an understatement. When he explained to me that he was going into the MDVIP I quickly signed up.

He IS the best doctor in our area. He has worked very hard for that title. He is always available and quickly returns calls and texts. My wife, my children, and I am very thankful to Dr. Quarles. He represents your organization well. He is an asset to our community. Much praise!!!