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| February, 10 2022 | for Albert Weisbrot, MD, FAAFP
Image provided by: David

Albert and I go waaaaay back, about 45 years now, I believe. He’s what we call a “mensch,” a real person, a very good person, and a genuine caregiver who cares about his patients. His office staff is also second to none. His R.N., Susan and I, frequently banter and kid around. The fact that she laughs at my lame jokes and puts us w me is a testament to her patience and good sense of humor. I’ve also know his receptionist, Shawna, and her twin sister, Sarah, who works for a different physician, since they were “kids”:right out of H.S. She,too, is a great asset to the practice and always most helpful and responsive.
Albert’s community involvement, both Jewish and general, help set him apart. He usually volunteers to act as a cantor for underserved congregations during the Jewish High Holidays and has been asked for years to sing our National Anthem on “Dr. Albert Weisbrot Day” by the Cincinnati Reds.
So his is a very special practice made up of very special people. I think his common sense, unassuming, down-to-earth communication style along w the above attributes and qualities are what help set him apart and why, after 45 years, I am always comfortable talking w him about anything related to my health.