No Story Beats The Best Story 361 Days of the Year

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| February, 10 2024 | for Brian K. Kaplan, MD

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I was catching as I thought pensively about this predictable challenge. Some PR dude must really think he's cool by this mundane albeit highly expected schtick. It derives from Marketing Basics 101 at every previously - as in now pro Hamas - university. So let us first look at the headlines that are expected (and taught) to win

1. My MDVIP DOCTOR cured my Stage 4 Cancer!
2. My MDVIP DOCTOR cured my Stage 4 Cancer in just two weeks! !
3. My MDVIP DOCTOR cured my Stage 4 Cancer in 10 days of holistic medicine !! !
4. My MDVIP DOCTOR cured my Stage 4 Cancer after just one on-time visit !!!
5. My MDVIP DOCTOR cured my Stage 4 Cancer in an abbreviated visit while he
concurrently repaired my broken hip, both kneecaps, COVID, ruptured spine,
torn retina, and all my painful asthmatic conditions.

"Ridiculous" you say? I agree. And although MDVIP DOCTOR Brien Kaplan has visited me in the hospital after his office hours, checked daily with his recommended specialists and diagnosed me correctly prior to the required tests, he has proved on every occasional why he previously thread if a mega hospital's emergency clinic for several years. Think of the genius it takes to make such instant life-saving decisions for so many ... and he knows his drugs 100%! HE CARES. HE SHARES. HE ACTS. He builds your confidence at every meeting, every phone call, every text & email. His staff works with him and delivers what he has trained them to deliver: an unsurpassed medical team doing everything known to alleviate your pain, symptoms and concerns. No individual physician can perform better and meet his group's recorder success. He's our MVP breath after breath!

So here is my headline: