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Virginia Lucas
| March, 18 2020 | for Philip C. Heinegg, MD

My family and I have been pts of Dr Phil since the early 1980’s. It would take a thesaurus to tell him how much we appreciate him. Not only is he an excellent diagnostician and very knowledgeable, but so caring and humble. Several years ago I returned from spending the winter in CA with a terrible cough that wouldn’t go away. I am a nurse with experience in the OR, research and ETOH and drug detox. I went to his office and he ordered a cough medicine with hydrocodone. With my sarcasm I said to him, “Are you trying to make me a drug addict?” I had the RX filled and took 2 or 3 tsps of the syrup. Within a day, I became very depressed, crying and suicidal. It was frightening. I am not a depressed person and never bear my soul to anyone. I called Dr Phil and he tried to calm me down and told me that I felt that way because of the medicine. He offered to come right over to check on me. I said that it wasn’t necessary. I was embarrassed to have bothered him with my call and behavior. He came over to my home and brought me a book titled “Talking to the Angels”. That book has been by my bed all these past years and I have read it many times. Fortunately the depression passed and life is good. He knows his pts and you are not just a number to him. I know he truly cares about his pts. He is not an alarmist and is very level headed, a man of faith and that is very important to me. His office staff, Carolyn, Natalie, Stephanie get back to us. He is always reachable and that is so reassuring. He never makes you feel like that was a dumb question or why are you bothering me. While we don’t live in Larchmont any longer, it is truly worth the trip to have him as our MD. I like that he tells it like it is and love his dry sense of humor. It is a pleasure to be able to be able to tell him how we feel about him. I have worked with many doctors, but very few like our Dr Phil. Please don’t retire.