Our MDVIP Nurse: Penny Eckles

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| July, 16 2021 | for Lyndell D. Scoles, MD

Penny Eckles is a star in a small medical practice with a great primary care physician. Penny, Alex and Vicky, are members of Dr. Lyndell Scoles’ team, and they are extraordinary, individually and collectively. They, and Dr. Scoles, work like a professional sports team. Though each player is a specialist they all can, if necessary, depart from their job description to help us.
Penny is very detailed and organized, especially with respect to gathering accurate information from us about why we came into the office (or called) so she can best inform Dr. Scoles about the reason(s) for our visit. She consistently goes beyond what other RNs seem to do. From a patient point-of-view she makes excellent use of our time and Dr. Scoles’ time, resulting in the fastest possible resolution of treatment. She does all this while being personable, caring and fun.
Penny is amazing and we see it every time our paths cross. Thank you Penny.