As a patient, I can tell you that Dr. Padilla has wonderful bed side manner

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| February, 9 2017 | for Barbara B. Padilla, MD

I'm from a medical family. My late father was a Rheumatologist and my mother is a retired nurse. I grew up in an MD dominated neighborhood in the 1960's and 1970's and received physicians courtesy medicine until my early adult life. It wasn't until late in life that I realized how special my medical care was back then.

As I have aged and the world of medicine / health insurance changed dramatically, I became frustrated with not receiving the time, attention, and answers from my In-Network Primary Care Physician. I live a very active, healthy lifestyle but still have a few minor chronic medical issues. I decided that I wanted an MD to act as my advocate and quarterback for coordinating all of my medical care. Someone whom I could gently challenge and as a patient have a say in my plan of care. A client of mine told me about Concierge medicine and MDVIP in particular.

I had an initial meet and greet consultation with Dr. Padilla in May 2015. She spent more than 40 minutes with me just asking questions with an interest in getting to know me, my general medical history, and more importantly my expectations from her and MDVIP.

As a patient, I can tell you that Dr. Padilla has wonderful bed side manner, welcomes her patients input and detailed questions, is bright and engaging, and is very accommodating to work with.