Personalized Care for my Family

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| March, 12 2020 | for Lisa L. Wong, MD, FACP

My mom has been Dr. Wong’s patient for years when she was an Endocrinologist. When she became an MDVIP doctor my mom wanted me to become a patient as well to get the best care possible. It was the best decision.

Dr. Wong cares holistically about both of us. She helps us to understand our underlying issues either from our family history or individual needs and to work through them. She is a medical partner the whole way through even to the point where she requests updates twice a day from my mom about her numbers. She’s also helped me to improve on my overall health.

Dr. Wong partners with my other specialist doctors and collaborates with them on what they’re working with me on. It makes things much less stressful and I don’t have to communicate over and over again. Her E-Passport online system is very helpful and we can stay in touch remotely.

I’m very happy to have her as my doctor and have recommended MDVIP to other friends and family.