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| March, 24 2023 | for Danielle Solomon Alhemovich, DO

After reaching the age of being required to subscribe to Medicare my Wife and I were disappointed. Our disappointment was not with what Medicare provides as its decent insurance in return for years of paying in to support it. Of course we still have to pay premiums to have it. The disappointments lie in what it does not provide and the limitations to proactive health care. Sure medicare provides wellness checkups but the Phycisian is limited to what they can provide. If you are not ill and simply want really high level wellness planning, testing and guidance you are not going to receive it. Its not the fault of the Primary Phycisian but the process and regulations of Medicare. The Primary Phycisian cannot go above beyond and be necessarily all the one wants under Medicare and based on how they are contracted they may have no tools, relationships and billing processes to add extra care; its not a bad reflection of the Primary Phycisian but the requirements of Medicare. For my Wife and I MDVIP allows us to invest in out health care beyond Medicare. The most important thing we have is our time and our health so we want the best options. We wanted to invest in our wellness care, our nutrition planning, our fittness and we wanted professional guidence. We desired to have a personal relationship with our Primary Phycisian and wanted that to lead proactive Wellness Care. MDVIP allowed us the ability to find a wonderful, positive proactive Primary Phycisian to meet of desires. Our new Primary has been refreshing experience and we could not be my satisfied with the experience the small added cost is irrelevant. The positive atmosphere and enviorment is priceless.