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| January, 30 2024 | for Richard J. Seidt, MD

Dr. Richard Seidt is our family physician. A few years ago, I was in the Grant Hospital emergency room when a young doctor walked in and informed me that my X-Rays for an unrelated problem revealed a possible pancreatic cancer. You can imagine my reaction -- and my wife's. Shock, fear, etc. It was a Saturday night and we didn't know where to turn. Given our MDVIP membership, we phoned Dr. Seidt at home and he calmly explained what the more realistic possibilities were. He didn't sugarcoat the problem, but he suggested more likely alternatives. He also insisted that the hospital take additional X-Rays of that area of my stomach. To make a long story short, he was correct and the young doctor was off base in her dire reaction to the original pictures.

I was admitted for the original (minor) problem and on Sunday morning, there was Dr. Seidt telephoning me to see how I was doing. The minor problem was quickly solved and, happily, I've never been troubled by that "cancer."

Several years later, I developed excruciating pains in my lower abdomen. Again, it was a late Saturday night. On Sunday morning, we phoned Dr. Seidt who patiently explained that I should head to the emergency room. This surgeon at Grant, a wonderful doctor, took a look and said it was a good thing I'd followed Dr. Seidt's counsel when I did. If I'd waited another 24 hours (or less) the scar tissue from an old hernia operation that had wrapped around my bowel might well have caused death.

When my wife and I have needed him, Dr. Seidt has been there. He is a very knowledgeable physician, considerate, and genuinely caring about his patients. We're lucky he's our doc.!