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| March, 21 2023 | for Jay S. Cooperman, MD

We have been MDVIP patients for around 12 years. My husband and I moved from Las Vegas, Nevada, to PA and searched for another concierge doctor in our new area. The transition was difficult because we had been with our wonderful concierge doctor for about 11 years. We researched doctors, on the PA MDVIP site, and called several offices to ask many questions. When we came upon Dr. Jay Cooperman's Office, we spoke with his office manager Donna, who was so patient, joyful, and knowledgeable. After reading about and speaking with Donna regarding Dr. Cooperman, we decided to sign-up with his practice. We are so glad that we did!

Dr. Cooperman is so conscientious, compassionate, always explains health issues in layman terms, and is so well informed. On every occasion, Dr. Cooperman demonstrates patience, which allows us to feel comfortable asking any question regarding our health. We deeply appreciate his thoroughness during all visits, phone calls, emails, and FaceTime discussions. Dr. Cooperman follows-up with a summary, of our visit, to ensure that we can easily review our visit without any misunderstandings on our part. When you need to speak with Dr. Cooperman, due to a medical issue after hours, he is available. His soft spoken voice and ability to explain medical issues so plainly brings us much comfort. He cares deeply about improving our health. Thanks to Dr. Cooperman, he has shared tips for healthier eating, engaged with me about resources on the MDVIP site, and celebrates health improvements right along with me.

Due to Dr. Cooperman's guidance, I'm feeling better. He has helped me by identifying the correct vitamins needed and has read labels with me to discuss what will help me the most. When I discussed hair loss, Dr. Cooperman helped develop a plan to pinpoint the cause of my hair loss. My hair is now growing back thanks to his guidance. We feel fortunate to be patients of Dr. Cooperman's!