Reunited---and we feel so good.

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| March, 12 2020 | for Vicki Bralow, DO

I had reconnected with Dr. Bralow having been a paitent of hers 10 years ago before her MDVIP practice. I was an infrequent patient at best but always appreciated Dr. Barlow's approach. I had heard she had started an MDVIP practice but never got much further than saying to myself I really should check that out. Then my son turned 18 and needed to replace his pediatric doctors. I knew he needed someone who would take the time to really "get him" and help him navigate his healthcare goals. I also needed someone to get my husband and I organized, assessed, and coached as we looked at our 60s looming in the rear view mirror. Then my daughter outgrew her pediatric physicians. And I remembered Dr. Vicki.

In our less than 2 year affiliation, Dr. Vicki has connected to, educated, and advocated for each of us. From responding to my sons late night texts about medication to getting my husband to a specialist, to communicating to my daughter's school, to multiple calls to the pharmacy, to supporting me and my goals--all with positivity and sense of humor--we could not be in better hands.

Today as we navigate a global pandemic and learn what that means to the world and our neighborhood, I really take comfort in the fact that we have Dr. Vicki as a healthcare partner and a trusted member of our community. And I realize how important she has become to my family.