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| March, 13 2020 | for Patricia K. Deckert, DO

Jan 1 ,2020 I was admitted to our local hospital in La Mesa Ca with C Diff. My case was so severe and I was extremely week I was ( like many others alone) unable to be my own advocate. Dr Patricia Deckert was there for me to consult with the doctors handling my case. This was a complete blessing in that they were being remiss in following through with the care I needed and was not getting. Dr Deckert kindly yet firmly let them know that I was not alone and that she was watching how my treatment played out. This made a huge difference and eventually ( 3 weeks) led to a place where I could leave the hospital and be admitted into a Care Facility near by. Being in this haven where I was given attention to what I needed to recoup there were still issues that I had no power to change, such as having the doctor on call Show Up three days after I checked in and address things such as medications I was not getting that were and are vital to my health. I am a patient of metastasized breast cancer now bone cancer. Again she made things happen for my good. Dr Deckert promptly consulted with this physician and I had my medications, one bring a much needed pain treatment. I was not a happy or well person. She both came to the hospital to see me and to the Care Facility several times. Lifting my spirits and definitely,’ checking things out ‘ for me. Again I was readmitted back to both hospital (one week,) then back to the facility all the while I knew she was with me. I came home 54 days later. I know in my heart and mind this could not have been the case without her loving and knowledgeable experience by my side. Thank you and bless you Dr Deckert.