saved my life

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| March, 10 2020 | for Robert Axonovitz, MD, FACP

approx 8 years ago after being my dr for over 30 years i was in florida playing golf with friends and was having heart burn all night . called Bobbie who told me to go to the emergency roon in florida and have a ultra sound for my gal bladder . they tested me for hours for a heart attack which was nothing but they did send my ulta sound to him on the monday after . The dr was not sure about the ultra sound findings and wanted to be pro active on my spleen so sent me for a scan that showed my kidney lighting up with cancer . No signs just his pro active manner that caught the cancer early and saved my life as they removed 25%of one of my kidneys and for 5 years went in every 6 months to be checked on . that entire situation and his aggressive attitude 5 years later made it possible that the dr s caught during one of my check ups that i had cancer in my bladder . a totally different cancer cell that was in stage 2 and in the muscle of my bladder . Once again no signs of the cancer just found out by accident . and once again all due to the dr pro active practices. The bladder cancer was dealt with and after 2 1/2 years i am still cancer free . I am on this earth and living life fully all because of Bobbie and his above the top practice of medicine way beyond the norm....