Saved My Life-Dr Mary George

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| May, 16 2023 | for Mary K. George, MD

I wish to share with the world just how my doctor saved my life, no joking. Dr George insisted that I have a CT Heart Healthy scan done after my physical was done back in Jan of 2020 because she saw something she did not like. From there she said I needed to see a cardiologist because there was something there.
I was diagnosed with a Bi-cousp Aortic valve that needed to be monitored. Moving forward to today I just had surgery to remove this valve. I was told by the surgeon that my valve had maybe one month left of functionality. Wow is all I can say because up to that point I felt perfectly fine. Close call, I'd say. Too close for me.
So, let me tell anyone out there that if you are debating whether you wish to invest the money into a MDVIP, my answer is it worth your life to save that money? Your choice.