Spoiled by Dr. Heinegg

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| March, 2 2020 | for Philip C. Heinegg, MD

Having always had anxiety about seeing doctors, I am blessed to be in the care of Dr. Heinegg. He understands my apprehension and takes the time to make my office visits relaxed. He is reassuring and never in a rush to advise or treat me. Whether we are speaking on the phone or I am in his office, he makes me feel as though I am his only patient.

Dr. Heinegg’s kind heart is matched only by his professional acumen as his diagnoses and treatments are impeccable. He treated my mother for many years, making house calls so that she could remain in her home during the last years of her life. Thanks to his faithful attention, she lived happily until age 97, never having to leave her own familiar surroundings.

My mother and I have both been spoiled by Dr. Heinegg, whose selfless devotion to helping his patients is inspiring. In a world where health care seems to be growing more impersonal, I am comforted by the special, individual attention that I receive. I am thankful every day that I am in the capable hands of Dr. Heinegg and that because of him, I can partner in managing my own health care needs.