Stephen A. Hilty, MD

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Susan J
| March, 14 2020 | for Stephen A. Hilty, MD
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Dr. Hilty possesses vast scientific and medical knowledge which he imparts in a highly caring and empathetic manner at all times. He routinely outlines instructions and suggestions for improving, achieving and maintaining one’s health at all levels. He is highly accessible during any emergencies. In all of these areas he has improved our lives significantly. I have him to thank for becoming a “gym rat” with all of the accompanying positive results. From my perspective, the amount of time Dr. Hilty spends with me is further evidence of his genuine care and concern. He never makes you feel rushed. He has highly appealing personal traits that make you feel you mean a great deal to him personally. His sense of humor is legendary. His office staff is highly trained and possesses the same caring empathetic traits you find at the top of the practice. Follow up phone calls, for medication issues, refills, new prescriptions, emergencies, and messages from Dr. Hilty are all handled cheerfully, competently and in short order. Nothing falls through the cracks! In addition, it’s always a special treat to hear from or see his wife on days when she’s helping out in the office. I wish to note that our country and the world is currently in the grip of COVID-19. This is a terrifying time; however, thanks to Dr. Hilty and his MDVIP practice I know the best medical care Is available should that become necessary. In short, thanks and appreciation for Dr. Hilty don’t begin to express how my husband and I feel. We love Dr. Hilty. His safety and that of his family are of utmost importance to us. Simply put, the world would be better off with a million Dr. Hiltys.