The story of a wonderful doctor and a super friend!

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| March, 13 2020 | for Louis R. Minsky, MD

Dr. Minsky became my primary care doctor quite by accident. When he was rotating and looking for a home at the clinic I went to I was asked if I minded if he sat in on my appt with my then physician. I said I didn't not and from then on, he has been my doctor from my primary care physician to mine and my husband's MDVIP Physician. He treated all 3 of my children as well as my husband and myself going on 30 years now-he became my father's doctor for the few years he moved in with my husband and me, also. He has helped my family through more situations than I can remember, always with a caring and loving attitude, always with good and helpful advice and has always been readily available for us at any time. He has helped me get through the grief involved with the death of our only son from cancer and has always been a willing listener and an interested friend. I will also praise his office staff who, like he, is always available and willing to help us with any problems we have. I am more than grateful and blessed to have Louis Minsky as our MDVIP doctor and I pray I never have to see another physician with a serious issue. Thank you, Louis, for taking care of me and my family as though we were your family. God's blessings to you from a friend and grateful patient.