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| March, 13 2020 | for Theresa Vicroy, MD

Dear Dr. Vicroy,

Thank you for always being at the end of your cell phone whether I call and you are asleep in
California or in Las Vegas. While staying with my husband 24 hours a day while he was in the hospital last year, I had a bad swelling in my ankle and it had fever in it and it was painful. I called Dr. Vicroy and she was in Vegas and she said "text me the telephone of a nearby Randall's and I will call in an antibiotic" that I take for this problem. She did and my daughter picked it up and brought it to me in the hospital.

On another occasion I had an infection in my right thumb and had ignored it for far too many days when I called her. She sent me to a nearby ER where the nurse practitioner botched draining the infection. He had me see a Hand Orthopedist the following Monday and she did surgery the following morning. Dr. Vicroy was on the phone with me until we reached the resolution.