Thank you Doctor Phillips.

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| March, 9 2018 | for Spencer Phillips, MD, FAAFP

Two experiences in my short health journey with Dr. Phillips:
on a trip to Florida, I slipped iand fell out of the Marriott Courtyard bathtub while showering landing on my back and slamming my head on the tile floor. I was hospitalized and informed that stitches were not possible because of swelling. Upon returning home to Lancaster, PA, I had an appointment with Doctor Phillips for initial blood work as a new patient. When he heard of my accident he saw me immediately and determined the without stitches in would take a very long time to heal. He stitched my scalp right there in the office. my head is now intact three weeks later.
I was really anxious to receive the results on my initial blood work analysis. Doctor Phillips put me at ease and very professionally explained the results that I could understand. He made me feel that I could address the health obstacles with an advocate cheering me on.
Thank you Doctor Phillips.