Thank you, Dr. Bello

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| March, 10 2020 | for Erlaine F. Bello, MD, MS, FACP

This story happened well before Dr. Bello became part of MD-VIP, but it shows her commitment to her patients and is what makes her a good representative of MD-VIP and efforts to improve the doctor-patient relationship and care. I had collapsed and blacked out twice at home. I felt fine the next day. I didn't hit my head and didn't have any bumps on it either, but I was urged by friends to go to the Emergency room to get checked out. I went and they weren't sure what was going on and said I would need to stay overnight for observation. The emergency room folks were in contact with Dr. Bello and I thought that was really good. She came the next morning and talked with me and said it was probably dehydration. This experience is memorable to me because while I knew, inside, it wasn't anything serious like with my heart, their talking with her and her being there and informed really made me feel better and also safe because she was watching out for me. Thank you, Dr. Bello!