Thank you Dr. Mire, you are Godsend to me

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| March, 9 2018 | for Geoffrey A. Mire, MD, CMD
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Doctor Geoffrey Mire has been my doctor since 2003. Doctor Mire and I agree; I am not the typical text book patient. For many years I have suffered with idiopathic small fiber peripheral neuropathy/fibromyalgia. On top of that I am very sensitive or had an allergy to just about every medicine I have been put on. Dr. Mire is a very compassionate doctor with a fabulous bedside manner, which is very important to me, and he has always taken quality time to see me as a patient. In addition, he has always tried to help me combat this condition instead of passing me off to a specialist, whom Ive seen and prescribed more medicine that I cannot take as treatment. Now that he is affiliated with MDVIP, he can take more time with me when needed. We have teamed up and came up with a game plan to where I can deal with this condition with a natural and healthy way of living with minimal prescriptions and dealing with this condition with very little or tolerable pain and vibrations.
Thank you Dr. Mire, you are Godsend to me and I am sure to all of your patients as well. I have the highest regard for you and your wonderful nurses for having the patience and time yall share with me. Cynthia B.