Thanks for being our Doctor!

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Phil and Jan
| March, 1 2024 | for Wm. Terry Gipson, MD

On Doctor's Day we want to take a moment to let you know how much we appreciate the things you have done for us! We are only two of many patients that you help currently and have in the past. Thank you so much for being Phil's Doctor for many years and for accepting me only a year ago when my Physician retired! We are fortunate to not have had major medical issues and value your help in keeping it that way! We hope you know how important it is to us that you are there if and when we need you (like when you saved a fun trip by diagnosing Shingles and getting a prescription to us when we were out of town)! You have an amazing amount of knowledge and advice - the information you shared during Covid helped us deal better with the big unknown! Thank you for sharing it with us and for being there for us!