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| March, 13 2020 | for John G. Barnes, MD

Dr. Barnes,
You have made a very positive difference in my life. You've been my doctor for many years, and when you branched out into the MDVIP group, I was convinced I needed to be a member. I have always felt comfortable explaining issues and asking questions, and the extra time available to explore possibilities and potential has been most rewarding. You may have saved my life by delving more deeply into my elevated hematocrit number, which led to care by a hematologist and close watch for lowering my risk of stroke and heart attack associated with my blood disease.

I am pleased that you see the total picture and have my wellness as your ultimate goal for me. Treatment, yes...and, even more impactful, prevention. And the bow on the package is easy, quick accessibility...not just to your staff...but to you. Thank you!!